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A Lesson Plan You Can Follow, and an Objective Look at Your Potential

An independent advisor who puts education first.

Peter is truly a teaching professional. If you are anxious about income or tax issues, he will take time to explain strategies. He can also professionally manage your investments in retirement, and coordinate your estate planning efforts.

Since he is independent, Peter is free to recommend the investments that he feels are best suited to your goals. He can quickly access first-rate financial resources, and freely collaborate with your CPA and attorney in a coordinated team effort to implement your plan.

With over 25 years of experience, Peter can give you impartial insight and help you plan to smooth your financial transition.

An impartial view of the course ahead.

Peter is independent, and that means he can provide you with a candid assessment of where you stand and what needs to be done financially. He is not an employee of a gargantuan brokerage, so he isn't pressured to suggest this or that investment product to you. He is affiliated with Woodbury Financial Services, Inc., a major broker/dealer. Through this Woodbury affiliation, he can access a huge range of products and research, while maintaining the independent, uncompromised direction of his business. So you get the best of both worlds.

Meet a quality financial planner who can keep you on course for the future. Ask Peter today about his services, and the way he has helped other business owners and business professionals make smooth retirement transitions.

Peter is family-centered, like so many of his clients.
As a husband and father, Peter understands the interrelation
of family and financial matters.